Another source is claiming Xbox Infinity is the name of the next Xbox

We have heard the Xbox Infinity name a few times in the past but now a new source is claiming that their insiders are saying that Xbox Infinity is the name of the next Xbox console. While we are not able to confirm the naming scheme, we will not have to wait much longer to find out if this is true as the device will be revealed on May 21st.

Previous rumors had stated that Microsoft may simply go with Xbox as the name for the upcoming console but this new source seems strangely confident that Infinity is the name of choice for the platform. The Infinity name could be tied to Windows 8 branding because if you turn an 8 sideways, it becomes the infinity symbol. The reasonMicrosoft would likely not want to brand the console with an 8 as Windows 9 and possibly Windows 10 (if the rapid release cycle holds true) could debut during the lifecycle of this Xbox, thus making Xbox 8 an out of date product.

Microsoft's next generation console has had a plethora of leaks including that it will have an HDMI-In capability for pairing with your cable box and to reiterate, it will not require an always-on connection to play your games, according to the latest leaked information.

With May 21st just a few weeks away, we will finally be able to put all of this rumored information behind us and move forward with hard facts from Microsoft.

Source: IBtimes (warning, source link has a few auto-playing videos that may drive you nuts)

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