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AOL Reaches 'Tahiti' with Client Upgrade

After a long journey, America Online has landed at "Tahiti." Code-name for an updated version of the AOL 9 Optimized client software, Tahiti is being distributed to customers through AOL's worldwide network of marketing channels. With Tahiti, AOL continues with its strategy of releasing more frequent client updates to stave off subscriber exodus by adding premium features and improving the service's broadband experience. In this release, AOL places a premium on security, personalization, and overall service enhancements. In the past year alone the number of AOL narrowband subscribers fell off by 2.2 million.

With this in mind, AOL began work on Tahiti following the initial public release of AOL 9 Optimized, prepping a bevy of new features for the client despite its slighter status as an interim update. Chief among these updates are protections against common nuisances plaguing AOL members: spyware, adware and spam. Tahiti features automatic protection against spyware and adware developed in-house, as well as adaptive spam filters. To complement these enhancements, AOL has included a pop-up blocker capable of disabling rich media including Macromedia Flash. Security tools are monitored by AOL's new "Safety Status" feature which lets users know what protections are enabled and which are not. To ensure easy access, the AOL client toolbar now hosts a Safety icon.

News source: BetaNews

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