Apple claims to achieve pay equity in the US, now pays equally for similar performance

In a new report from Apple, the company has claimed itself to be the "most innovative company", and stated that it aims to be the most diverse one ever as well. The tech company highlighted several of its employees from various genders, ethnicities and countries, noting what the individuals had accomplished for Apple. The company also said it now pays men, women, whites and underrepresented minorities equally - at least in the US.

Apple shared a few statistics about its employees as well, claiming that 32% of its workforce consists of females, of which 37% are new hires. Similarly, it also pointed out that 22% of its employees include underrepresented minorities - which consists of black, Hispanic, Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Other Pacific Islander demographics - and 27% of them are new hires.

The company also noted that its new hires are "more diverse than our current employees", stating that 54% of the new hires in the US belong to minority demographics. Regarding equal payment for everyone, Apple went on to say that:

Equal work deserves equal pay. This past year, we looked at the total compensation for U.S. employees and closed the gaps we found. We’re now analyzing the salaries, bonuses, and annual stock grants of all our employees worldwide. If a gap exists, we’ll address it. And we’ll continue our work to make sure we maintain pay equity.

We’ve achieved pay equity in the United States for similar roles and performance. Women earn one dollar for every dollar male employees earn. And underrepresented minorities earn one dollar for every dollar white employees earn.

Apple explained that it fosters a diverse culture which includes people of various sexual orientations, religious beliefs, disabilities and service to their country. It stated that it plans to continue its advocacy for LGBT equality in the community and is exploring ways to aid employees with disabilities.

Apple noted that its global workforce now consists of 32% women and 68% men. Its employees around the globe comprise of whites (56%), Asians (19%), blacks (9%), Hispanic (12%), multi-racial (2%) and 1% who haven't declared their ethnicity.

It is important to note that Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly came out as gay in an interview back in 2014, emphasizing that "part of social progress is understanding that a person is not defined only by one's sexuality, race or gender".

Source: Apple via CNN Money

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