Apple could update notebook lineup at WWDC, keep non-Retina MacBook Pro

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has come out with a revised roadmap for Apple's notebook lineup in 2013. Kuo, who has been correct in the past after predicting the discontinuation of the white MacBook, predicts that Apple will retain a non-Retina version of the MacBook Pro and may not introduce a Retina MacBook Air. This predication contradicts a previous claim that Apple may release a Retina version of the Air in Q3 2013, however, an updated MacBook Air is almost certainly on the cards, the only question is when. 

The current Retina MacBook Pro will see an update, possibly including Intel's new 'Haswell' CPUs. Previously, Apple notebooks have received the latest Intel chips before their competitors due to a deal between the two companies. The non-Retina Pro will remain as it's the "most popular product in the MacBook line," due to it's good price/features ratio. Kuo also claims there is "still demand in emerging markets" for optical drives as the Internet services are not as reliable. 

The updated versions of the non-Retina Pro could ship "very soon" after WWDC, possibly with OS X 10.9 which is rumoured to be a key part of this years' WWDC. Updated versions of the Retina Pro will ship "somewhat later" mainly due to "production bottleneck." As for the updated MacBook Air, it too could ship "very soon" after WWDC but Kuo is unsure as to whether Apple will produce a Retina version. According to MacRumors, "[the] cost, thickness, and production concerns will continue to keep Retina displays out of Apple's lowest-cost and thinnest notebook line for the time being." 

Source: MacRumors | Images via MacRumors

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