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Apple discover 91 children employed at their supplier factories

During a number of audits carried out last year, Apple has discovered that 91 children were working for some of their supplier factories in China, while 60% had employees working over the 60-hour a week limit.

According to PC Pro, around 127 factory audits took place during 2010, with one employing 42 children under the age of 16, which is the minimum working age in China.

The good news is that Apple has not only stopped working with the companies involved, but they also had them return the children to their families and to schools as well. Although the company had to report one school which was actually helping companies hire the child workers.

The report went on to state that out of the 127 factories, a large percentage not only worked over the 60-hour maximum week, but also didn’t have clearly signed emergency exits or proper storage for chemicals.

Apple also discussed the large number of suicides that were happening in the Foxconn factories that became headline news last year, due to what many believed to be a stressful working environment.

Apple sent in “Suicide prevention specialists” to the company along with COO Tim Cook where they met with the Foxconn CEO and came up with a number of improvements to employee care. One recommendation was more councilors, while a new 24-hour care center has also been established.

The audit also mentioned that Foxconn has begun to expand the company, thus allowing employees to be closer to their homes than they previously were.

You can read the full audit on the Apple Supplier Responsibility site.

Image Source: CNET

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