Apple finally stops selling the third-generation Apple TV

Back in March 2015, Apple dropped the price of the third-generation Apple TV to just $69. The OS on the device wasn't called tvOS at the time; instead, it was just called 'Apple TV', and was updated alongside iOS.

But in June 2015, the company announced Apple Music, which later arrived for iOS devices in iOS 8.4. Unfortunately, the Apple TV never received such an update, even though it was the firm's current entertainment box. iOS 9 was announced on the same day, but sure enough, that update didn't arrive for the Apple TV either, despite Apple promising to deliver it to all devices that ran iOS 8.

That September, Apple finally launched the fourth-generation model, but continued to sell its previous device, even though it was clearly unsupported. Today, the company has finally removed its listing for the device from its website.

Indeed, there is no longer a budget option for the Apple TV, with the cheapest model coming in at $149. The device really shouldn't be missed, as it doesn't even offer an App Store, and there are much more capable set-top boxes on the market now for a less expensive price.

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