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Apple invents new peer-to-peer technology

Patently Apple is reporting that Apple has created a new peer-to-peer (P2P) technology which will, apparently, revolutionise the way we share data. The new technology works by utilising a "unique magnetic compass and encoded supersonic tone methodology" which Apple claims will "allow you to share information on your iPhone easily with other devices like your iMac, MacBook or stereo system."

One of the current issues when pairing two devices is that different products use one of many methods to partner with each other. This is where Apple comes in with one of most impressive parts of this new technology, according to the article the way two devices will be able to find each other, pair up and then proceed to share data is by using a "compass output" on the device.

As soon as two devices come close enough to each other a "magnetic field signature" is calculated based on the "monitored compass output" after which a decision is made as to whether the signature could be associated with a previously defined device. This means that as soon as two devices come close enough to each other, the compasses will work out if the products should try and initiate a partnership and whether or not to start the networking connection tool.

This would certainly make it easier for everyday users meaning it would be possible to walk up to a compatible printer, scanner, router, external hard drive - anything - and connect automatically with no further information or action required.

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