Apple launches HTML5 developers website

It’s no secret that Apple has a chip on its shoulder when it comes to Adobe’s Flash and Apple has taken another step forward by launching a full blown support page for developers.  Apple has now provided a support site for developers who are looking to support HTML 5 and the information can be found at or (if you dont have Safari installed).

Apple, specifically Steve Jobs, has been on a crusade to remove Flash as a web standard ever since the launch of the iPad.  Currently none of Apple’s mobile products support Flash and instead favor HTML5.  Because of the lack of Flash support, Steve Jobs published his “Thoughts on Flash” to give his reasoning for moving towards more open standards. 

The new site shows off many of the new features of HTML 5 and offers resources on how web developers can utilize the new standard on their own web pages.  Apple is pushing HTML5 explicitly as it is supported by their devices and circumvents their need for Flash.

Adobe has responded to Steve Jobs open letter on Flash but at the end of the day, Apple will not support the format.  Regardless of why Apple isn’t supporting Flash, it’s clear that they are pushing HTML5 and want Flash to vanish into history.  

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