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Apple now allows refunds for App Store purchases ... in Taiwan

If you have purchased an app from Apple's App Store on your iPhone or iPad and then decide that the app was less than what you had expected, you were basically out of luck. Apple's App Store normally doesn't allow refunds for any purchases. But that policy no longer applies in one corner of the world. Today PC World reports that in Taiwan, Apple has now changed its policy on refunds and will let people get their money back if they make their request within seven days of buying the app. The new rule also applies to purchases of ebooks from the store.

However, don't expect this change to find its way to other countries any time soon. The story reports that the city government of Taipei had asked Apple to make these changes in order for the App Store to comply with the city's consumer protection act. The government even threatened to fine Apple $1.5 million if it did not comply with its rules.

So if Apple has to make this change for the App Store in Taiwan, does that also mean that Google must do the same for apps sold from its Android Market? Actually, no. The story states that Google is fighting Taipei, saying that it "disagrees with the city's interpretation of the consumer protection act." Google does allow users to get a refund from app purchases, but they must be made within the first 15 minutes of purchasing the app. Taipei has gone ahead and fined Google $1.5 million for the alleged violation of the city's consumer protection act, but Google is now challenging that decision in court.

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