Apple Prepares 10.2.1 Jaguar Update

Apple is set to release the first update for Mac OS X version 10.2, according to a knowledge base article posted on the AppleCare Web site. The update comes less than a month after the debut of 10.2, also known as Jaguar, following Apple's trend of releasing frequent updates to Mac OS X.

10.2.1 primarily focuses on improving the operating system's compatibility with CD writers and other multimedia devices. Notable enhancements to CD burning include better compatibility with Windows and support for additional third-party burners. Bugs in iTunes and Disk Utility have also been corrected. iMove and Final Cut Pro will benefit from the update, with added support for media converters, scanners and FireWire-based cameras. 10.2.1 additionally corrects numerous printing issues in CUPS and problems with certain HP LaserJet printers.

Mac OS X Update 10.2.1 is expected to be released soon as part of Apple's automatic Software Update and as a standalone installer. An update for Mac OS X Server will also be available.

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