Apple reportedly testing 6-inch displays for future iPhone

Apple is reportedly testing some new devices that would have 6-inch screens built in to them. It looks like these are probably future iPhones in the works, but interesting since Apple has never seemed willing to step into this territory.

The scoop comes in from Wall Street Journal's Ian Sherr who sent out a tweet with the news.



The full report reveals Apple is actually testing multiple screen sizes including 4.8 inches as well and all the way up to a maximum of 6 inches. Perhaps Apple could be taking a cue from the likes of Samsung, which already has devices on the market with screen sizes in this range.

It's thought-provoking that Sherr specifically says that these are iPhone screens. 4.8 inches would almost certainly be a phone, but 6 inches is right in between iPhone and iPad models. The iPhone 5's display is 4 inches diagonally while the iPad mini's display is 8 inches diagonally. (Okay, they're both technically 3.99 inches and 7.9 inches respectably but for the sake of argument let's round off.) Instead of a larger iPhone, a 6-inch device could also be just a smaller iPad. Better yet, it could be a phablet.

Apple is known to test out various products, components, and features without ever releasing any of them to the public. On the underwhelming side of this report, it could all just be a little experiment Apple is conducting and nothing more. We'll just have to see what 2014 brings.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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