Apple surpasses Microsoft + Intel in market cap

For those of you following Apple, there are certainly many reasons for its recent success. From iPods to iPhones, and iPads in between, it's hard to deny they have found a niche in mobile devices. As a result, Apple's stock price has increased to levels much higher than many of its rivals over the last five years, evidenced in the graph below.

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With the Worldwide Developer's Conference fast approaching (June 6th-10th), it would appear that Apple has nowhere to go, but up. As a result, according to Yahoo! Finance, the current market cap for Apple is $317.54 billion USD. Additionally, Yahoo! estimates that the 1 year estimated stock value per share will be at $448.33.

For reference, the traditional Wintel (Microsoft & Intel) combined market cap isĀ 316.77 billion USD, with Microsoft at 201.29 billion, and Intel at 115.48 billion. Yahoo! Finance lists the 1 year estimated stock value for these companies at 32.93 and 25.65, respectively. However, these traditional relationships are no longer as easily delineated as they once were, as Intel provides processors for Apple devices, with a possibility of producing chips for Apple's mobile devices, as we reported in early May. Though this relationship hasn't been announced (and is still a rumor), it would allow Apple to consolidate chip vendors, and Intel to expand their SoC business with a company with significant mobile market share.

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