Samsung found to be guilty of patent infringement, owes Apple over a billion dollars

After a long court battle that resulted in many internal company documents being spilled to the public, the case has finally come to a close. 

The verdict has come in and Apple has come out on top in the fight against Samsung with the courts favoring heavily towards Apple. Apple has won the patent battle on nearly every claim it brought against Samsung, which is devastating blow to Samsung whose popular devices have been helping the company grow its mobile marketshare. 

While most of the phones were found to be infringing on Apple's patents, one interesting note is that the Galaxy Tab line of tablets did not. Essentially, it appears that most of the software patents are holding strong, but design patents are coming up short. 

The damages that Samsung must pay to Apple top 1 billion dollars; to be exact, Samsung must pay Apple 1,049,343,000.00. 

In addition to Apple having a major victory on patent infringement, Samsung's counter suit against Apple fell short and found that Apple did not violate any of Samsung's patents which means Samsung was awarded 0 dollars in damages.

Source: Twitter Image Credit: Forbes

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