ASUS teases smartwatch for September 3rd, could be cheapest Android Wear device yet

It’s always a great moment when a rumor pans out to be true. As we approach September, Berlin prepares to host IFA, its annual technology conference that will showcase some of the latest and greatest from the likes of LG, Samsung, and ASUS. It was a couple months ago that we reported that ASUS might be working on a smartwatch running Android Wear and at that time, it was thought that it could severely undercut the competition with a price point that might start at $99 USD.

While we are unsure of price point at this time, we are certain that ASUS will launch a smartwatch at IFA 2014. This detail comes courtesy of a teaser that was posted to the official ASUS twitter account. The tweet shows what looks like the silhouette of a smartwatch with the quote: “Time has been transformed and we have changed.”

Although IFA 2014 officially starts on September 5th, it looks as though ASUS plans to unveil the device early on September 3rd, 2014. ASUS will become the third company to release an Android Wear device behind LG and Samsung. Motorola is expected to release the much anticipated Moto 360 on September 4th, making them the fourth company to release an Android Wear device.

Source: Twitter | Image via ASUS

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