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ATI conducts fireside chat about filtering

In order to address concerns raised by revelations about its adaptive trilinear filtering algorithm, ATI yesterday dispatched a pair of reps to talk about the issue in an online chat. Bjorn3D has the chat log. The chat was conducted by ATI, but the questioners aren't just blowing fairy dust at them:

Q: Can you give a more detailed explanation as to why the use of coloured mipmaps shows the use of full trilinear, which doesnt correspond to what seems to occur in a normal, real-world situation?

A: Coloured mipmaps naturally show full trilinear as our image quality analysis reveals that there could be visible differences in the image. It should be noted that trilinear was originally invented to smooth transitions between mip-levels, and in the original definition mip-levels should be filtered versions of each other, as coloured mip-levels clearly are not. Despite this, we understand that people often make use of hardware for purposes beyond that originally envisioned, so we try to make sure that everything always functions exactly as expected.

View: ATI - Chat log

News source: The Tech Report

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