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ATI finally delivers Linux driver

THE LINUX COMMUNIITY gained a strong supporter this week as graphics company ATI finally introduced its unified driver for the open source operating system. ATI promised that it would work harder on its Linux support since its lack of drivers was the key advantages Nvidia cards had over ATI's in the Linux world. This sure was one of the weakest points of ATI cards. We spoke with one of our new Vienna friends and he said that he would go for ATI card if they had a Linux driver. Now, it seems his wish has come true.

ATI introduced Unified Linux Driver Version 2.4.3 supports Open GL 2.0 and works on RADEON 8500, RADEON 8500LE, ALL-IN-WONDER RADEON 8500DV, RADEON 9000 PRO, RADEON 9500 PRO, RADEON 9700 PRO, ALL-IN-WONDER 9700 PRO and FIRE GL family of workstation products.

We should add that the boys at Steinberg, Germany that are now part of ATI's professional workstation division FireGL team played a key role in making this release possible. These drivers where derived from FireGL X1 drivers since it is important to have a stable Linux drivers because there is such a wide of developers and companies promoting their own versions of the operating system.

Download: ATI Unified Linux Driver v2.4.3

News source: The Inq

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