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ATI Graphics round-up

We have been kept waiting for ATI's multi-GPU technology that will rival NVIDIA's SLI, as well as for the long awaited X800 successor a.k.a. R520. Those two are expected to arrive sometime before the end of the year, but until that happens TechSpot has prepared a full ATI graphics round-up covering most of the current Radeon line.

Certainly it's not easy not to fall for the amazing performance offered by cards like the X850 XT PE, or why not, the newer GeForce 7800, however these come at a premium that not everyone is willing to pay. TechSpot's round-up covers ten ATI solutions that go from its current flagship, the X850 XT PE, down to the value market with the X300 and X300SE. And of course, no such round-up could be complete without throwing a few NVIDIA cards to compare against.

View: ATI Radeon Graphics round-up @ TechSpot.

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