ATI's power supply enigma only a partial mystery

YESTERDAY WE [The Inq] reported on a Power Color card without a power connector here. Well, not entirely without one, but without the one we expected it to have. We managed to find an X800XT PCI-E card with a six pin power connector, similar to that which Nvidia uses on the NV45. It was awfully non coincidental for us so we asked people that know all about these things, the so-called "Graphics Gurus and Guruettes".

It now transpires that the X800XT PCI-E will have a power connector as it needs just a smidgeon more than the 75W that PCI Express supplies to the card. But Abit has a live demo of this card running in its Grantsdale motherboard. It transpires that if you actually have a good PSU (power supply unit), you might not even have to use the new black power connector. You can see here what it looks like...

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