AT&T is selling the Microsoft Lumia 950 again

Microsoft's Lumia line of handsets seems to be getting harder and harder to find. First, the Lumia 650 and 735 disappeared from its online Store and the next day, the AT&T-locked 640 XL was gone. And then carriers started dropping them; the Lumia 650 disappeared from Cricket Wireless's website, and the 950 suddenly went out of stock in all variants from AT&T.

Today though, AT&T once again has stock of the black Lumia 950 on its website. Interestingly, the listing for the white model can no longer be found. This seems peculiar when the only variant of the AT&T-locked 950 that you'll find on the Microsoft Store is the white one, and yes, that's currently in stock as well.

The carrier is still one of three to be selling a Windows phone. Verizon Wireless is still offering the Lumia 735, and Cricket, despite dropping the 650, is still selling the Lumia 640 and Nokia Lumia 635, devices that are almost two and three years old, respectively. And before you ask, Cricket's Lumia 635 is the 512MB RAM variant, meaning that it's not eligible for an upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

AT&T hasn't dropped the price of the Lumia 950 for some price, so it's still $298.99. If you're looking for an unlocked model, those are in stock at the Microsoft Store as well for $100 more.

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