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Austin Powers Pinball Screens & Facts

Allow myself to inroduce... myself. I'm Austin "Danger" Powers. You see, danger is my middle name. Danger and excitement are what being an international Man of Mystery is akk about. Yeah baby! You'll find both in my smashing new game Austin Powers Pinball. Dr. Evil is back with plans for world domination. It's up to you to work your Moho and defeat Dr. Evil and his crew of non-swinging minions. This sort of thing is definitely your bag baby, yeah!


  • Shoot for high score on two smashing pinball tables based on Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me!

  • Enjoy the authentic Austin Poiwers experience complete with the celebrity voices of Mike Myers and Robert Wagner, along with swinging music and hillarious characters - even Mr. Bigglesworth!

  • Defeat Mr. Evil in 10 missions including Groovy Baby, Subterranean Probe and Mini-Me!

  • Experience superior game physics and amazingly accurate ball movement!

  • Unlock bonus missions, mustery award, an Austin Powers Quiz, and more!

News source: Gamer's Hell

Screenshots: @ Gamer's Hell

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