Babylon heads to Civilization VI: New Frontier as a new Science-focused civ

Firaxis is preparing to release another premium DLC pack for Civilization VI this month, once again arriving as a part of the New Frontier season pass. The latest civilization being introduced with this pack is Babylon, a primarily Science-focused faction that doesn't rely on actually generating Science.

Babylon's leader, Hammurabi, comes in wielding the Ninu Ilu Sirum ability, which provides the lowest production building of each specialty district for free whenever it is the first time one is built. Similarly, free Envoys are granted for the first time any other types of districts are built by Babylon.

Probably the most unique aspect of Babylon is its unique ability that alters Eurekas. Instead of simply providing half of the required Science to research technologies, Eurekas will now give out the full amount, instantly researching them. However, anytime this is triggered, the amount of Science Babylon generates per turn goes down.

The Palgum building arrives as a unique replacement for the Watermill. It boasts additional production, housing, and higher food generation from freshwater tiles over the building it replaces. Lastly, the Sabum Kibittum is Babylon's unique unit, which is good counters against early-era light and heavy cavalry, and also comes with increased sight and movement points.

The Civilization VI DLC carrying Babylon plus other bonuses like a new game mode, six new city-states, 24 Great People, and more, will be released on November 19 as a standalone purchase as well as a part of the New Frontier Pass.

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