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Bandai releases a new Tamagotchi that celebrates the originals in a much smaller size

Bandai Japan has released a new Tamagotchi iteration in celebration of the 20th anniversary of its original release. Although it looks similar in appearance, the 'Chibi Tamagotchi' is actually quite a bit smaller than its original counterpart and is also just a tad cheaper in price.

If unfamiliar, the original Tamagotchi made its debut in 1996 in Japan and debuted several months later to the rest of the world. The device is a small keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game, requiring owners to raise a pet from its initial stages as an egg. Similar to taking care of a real pet, it must be fed, cleaned, and kept happy. If the pet succumbs to an illness, there is the potential that it could also die, ending the game.

Over the past 20 years, Bandai has released many iterations of Tamagotchi, some of which have been exclusive to Japan. While there is a certain excitement surrounding this particular release, this isn't the first time Bandai was re-released the original Tamagotchi in a smaller size, having done so previously in the late 2000s.

Those that want to get their hands on the latest version will need to be in Japan or find an importer. The device is being sold in a variety of different colors for 1,620 yen each which is roughly around $15 USD.

Source: Bandai via Mashable

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