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#bentgate: And here is a iPhone 6 Plus "bend off" with a Note 3

You may have heard yesterday when stories started popping up about a handful of users - so far, at least - complained that their iPhone 6 Plus handsets are 'bending,' without significant force being exerted upon them, resulting in deformities (such as in that in the image below) happening to their shiny new iPhone.

The weakness is being attributed to the volume buttons cut out.

For a lack of a better title this early in the morning where I am, Unbox Therapy has taken the iPhone 6 Plus and put to bed the rumors about the durability of the larger device by forcefully bending it and observing the results, all "in the name of science!" Check out the results below.

And just to make sure that this is not a phenomenon that befalls all smartphones with the same or similar form factor, Unbox Therapy attempted to sacrifice a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the same way with some surprising results.

It's pretty clear that Apple has some "splainin" to do, and one can only wonder what sort of fix this will require in the long run.

In any case, has this put you off getting a Plus variant of the new iPhone 6? We'll be keeping an eye out for any official statement from Apple on #bentgate, for now we suggest being "very careful" with your iPhone 6 Plus!

Source: Unbox Therapy on YouTube via Gizmodo | Image: MacRumors forums

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