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Best Buy allows person to keep four iPads sent by mistake

In this holiday season, we all want to be able to get what we ordered from our favorite retailers. Some of us might get upset if we didn't get what we paid for from an online web site. In this case, a mistake by Best Buy may in fact be turn out to be a very generous case of holiday cheer.

The Consumerist reports that a woman known only as "Alexa" claims that her boyfriend's mother ordered an iPad from Best Buy. When the package arrived, it actually contained five iPads. She added, "We called his mom to make sure she wasn’t charged for five; she wasn't. It looked to us as though whoever was fulfilling this package simply slapped our shipping label on the wrong box."

The website contacted Best Buy to tell them of the issue related by "Alexa" and in turn Best Buy contacted the parties directly. As it turned out, Best Buy decided not to be a Grinch or a Scrooge but a Santa, as it allowed the woman to keep the additional four iPads. The message states:

We, here at Best Buy, acknowledge that we obviously made a mistake, but in the spirit of the holidays, we encourage you to keep the additional iPads and give them to people in need – friends, family, a local school or charity.

Technically, the law allows anyone to keep anything shipped to their home by mistake. However, since each iPad is worth several hundred dollars, it was perhaps best to inform Best Buy of their mistake. It's also great that Best Buy turned out to be not just understanding but very generous in their response.

Source: The Consumerist | Image via The Consumerist

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