Bill Gates: 'My computer crashes too'

My good friend Kheldar pointed me to this article on the BBC, where CBBC Newsround Press Pack reporter, 15-year-old Sarah Laughton got to interview the man himself.

    Bill Gates, the world's richest man and boss of software giant Microsoft, has admitted that his computer crashes and he's mostly looking forward to getting books for Christmas.

    He also revealed that he thinks Microsoft is a great place to work - and he's fed up with his long-running battle with the US government.

    And when Sarah asked him what his PC was like, he confessed that it does crash. But he turned even that to Microsoft's advantage.

    "I get to the bottom of it every time and that's part of the passion that I and a lot of Microsoft people have. We want to make a tool that we want to use ourselves."

News source: CBBC NewsRound

View: Sarah's full Interview with Bill Gates or Watch the Real Video of Sarah's Interview

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