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Blackberry Storm 3 spotted, sporting a 3.7" screen

If one thing is true about Research In Motion (RIM), it’s that they never give up. In the ancient days of the Blackberry Storm, RIM wanted to upset the consumer smartphone market and release a phone of their own that could seriously compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone. After the Storm failed to impress, as did the Storm 2, and the Torch, the Blackberry brand may be rising from the ashes once again to try and take the market by storm (get it?). Pictures have surfaced, according to BerryReview, of a Blackberry Storm 3 prototype sporting a 3.7” screen, Wi-Fi, and 8GB of internal memory.

Image Credit: BerryReview

If RIM can come back from general market pessimism with the third iteration of the Blackberry Storm, a great many tech experts and analysts will be surprised. The general mood right now is that Blackberry can’t really make quality consumer hardware that can stack up to other manufacturers’ offerings. RIM has the corporate world in a pretty strong headlock right now, and many believe that RIM is wasting their time trying to succeed in a market they apparently aren’t very skilled at winning in.  

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