Both versions of XP support Hyperthreading

JUST TO ALLAY any possible confuzzlement, we have contacted Intel about operating systems that will support the hyperthreading it will implement when the 3.06GHz Pentium 4 is launched next month.

Some readers had suggested that it would only be the Pro version of XP that supports hyperthreading, which can appear to the OS as if two CPUs (central processing units) are present in a machine.

We hope to bring more information about this over the weekend, as people have started to test Intel hyperthreading-enabled motherboards.

Intel VP Bill Siu told us and other hacks at the last Intel Developer Forum that both flavours of XP will support hyperthreading. Windows 2000 will not, however.

An Intel representative said this morning: "Both WinXP Home and Pro support Hyper-threading as well as Linux kernel 2.4.x or later".

News source: The Inquirer

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