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Brave Wallet adds support for Native SegWit Bitcoin accounts delivering lower fees

Brave Wallet screenshot

Anyone running Brave 1.63 on the desktop can now create Native SegWit Bitcoin accounts in their Brave Wallet. The benefits of using Native SegWit include lower transaction fees and better error detection compared to other Bitcoin account types.

Prior to introducing Native SegWit Bitcoin accounts, Brave Wallet also had support for Legacy, Nested Segwit, and Taproot accounts. With the added Native SegWit support, Brave Wallet is compatible with other wallets.

Commenting on the news, James Mudgett, VP of Web3 Products at Brave, said:

“Our aim with Brave Wallet is to offer the most secure and privacy-considerate software wallet for everyday use. As the Bitcoin ecosystem expands with new apps and services, Brave Wallet will be there to put security and privacy first, to help keep users’ assets safe.”

In the announcement, Brave outlined some of its plans for the Brave Wallet. In the coming months, it’ll be adding support for shielded Zcash transactions, and later in the year, more Bitcoin account types will be supported, which will allow users to store BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals in Brave Wallet.

Brave said that it’s important to ensure Bitcoin compatibility in Brave Wallet because the cryptocurrency is nearly 15 years old and has proven itself to be “a resilient asset class.” It also noted the growing institutional adoption of Bitcoin following the approval of several Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States.

To get started using the feature, update Brave on your PC, then open Brave Wallet, press the … menu in the top right panel, and select Create account. From there, choose Bitcoin, and you’ll have your Bitcoin wallet.

For those who haven’t used it, the Brave Wallet lets Brave browser users store, swap, and manage their crypto across multiple blockchains from one wallet. As a browser-native wallet, users don’t need to perform additional downloads or install extensions; this helps to improve the security situation, and it’s convenient.

Source: Brave

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