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The Renault 5 is the latest car equipped with the Vivaldi web browser

Renault OpenR multimedia system

The company behind the web browser Vivaldi has announced that its project will be available in the Renault 5, a new electric car. Vivaldi has a long history with Renault: its browser was featured in the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, Renault Master, and Renault Austral as an integral part of the OpenR Link multimedia system.

According to Vivaldi, the Renault 5 is part of the E-Tech Electric family and "boasts of a sleek and modern aesthetic while prioritizing eco-friendly features, making it an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers." The two companies align on the environmental front because Vivaldi has previously refused to integrate cryptocurrencies into its browser over their high carbon footprint.

With the Vivaldi app in the OpenR multimedia system, drivers can access popular streaming services such as Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube. Thankfully, these streaming capabilities are only available when the car is stationary so drivers will still be able to fully concentrate on the road rather than entertainment.

Aside from giving you full access to the web, the car browser also supports tab syncing across devices and includes built-in Notes and Capture Page features. There is also a private browsing mode that includes tracking protection and an ad blocker.

Renault is not the only car company pre-installing the Vivaldi web browser. Mercedes has several vehicles that come with it too. Other car makers that ship the browser are Audi and Polestar.

The Vivaldi browser is not particularly popular on desktop and mobile, so it's interesting to see car makers adopt it for their vehicles. The sync functionality could encourage owners of these vehicles to install the app on their computers and phones so they can keep their data synced with their cars.

Do you think it's a good idea for Vivaldi to include its browser in cars? Would it convince you to install Vivaldi on your mobile and computer?

Source: Vivaldi

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