Broken snow globe causes Microsoft building to be evacuated

Yes, a broken snow globe caused a building on Microsoft's corporate campus to be evacuated earlier today. As you might have expected, a mysterious liquid was spotted leaking from a package at the mail building on Microsoft's campus (Building 123), according to James Bove of the Redmond police.

As we all live in a post-9/11 world of assuming the worst and hoping for the best, when the liquid was spotted leaking from the package, the building was evacuated for security reasons.

After a HAZMAT team was able to determine that the liquid leaking from the packaged contained water and glycerine, everyone was allowed to return to the building; the liquid was discovered to be leaking from a broken snow globe.

Joking aside, these types of events occur at places besides Microsoft and any time a suspicious package is spotted, for safety reasons, the buildings surrounding the package are always evacuated. 

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