Burn In Your GeForce FX - With A Screensaver

Ozren Zagmester - editor at PCEkspert.com - and his team have discovered a pretty unusual behaviour of GeForce FX Ultra cards. There appears to be a serious flaw in the Flow FX cooling control routine - a bug that could damage your brand new hardware. According to his report, this affects at least the Nvidia reference models, Gainward and MSI FX products.

To make a GeForce FX 5800 Ultra card suffer great pain, apart from Detonators 43.45 (we will test other versions of Detonators during the night) you need a 3D screensaver. Even the OpenGL screensavers like Pipes that come with Windows are OK, but for some serious "firepower" (to make the card extra hot in no time) you need a screensaver like Matrix Reloaded from www.uselesscreations.com or, the one we used the most, DiveVisions 2.0 from www.atlantis3d.com This behavior was first noticed by Denis Arunovic from our team, and after he called me in the middle of the night, I joined the "hunt".

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