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Buy A GeForce4 Ti4600 And Get Arrested @ BestBuy.com!

Seen at Warp2search. Here's a strange one... we found an Advertisement at BestBuy.com that proclaimed "VisionTek GeForce4 Ti4600 for Special Pre-Order Price of $129.00..the savings is a $200.00 Value". Normally a "typo" or mistake would be something to the effect of a misplaced decimal point or an accidental wrong price. It usually doesn't consist of adding terms like Special Pre-Order Price and savings is a $200.00 Value, (since it sounds reasonable $129.00 + $200.00 savings for a card announced that day with no real set price yet) all over the advertisement. So we did the right thing and CALLED. BestBuy.com confirmed the price of $129.00 twice, at which time they gave us the $200.00 value / saving quotes.

Best Buy has stooped to an all time low. It seems that if you live in Dekalb County Georgia and you take these receipts in asking why you did not get your videocard while hundreds of other people are, they will HAVE YOU ARRESTED. Abraham Cherian went into the store to ask why he was not given the card while others were....he showed the receipts...they made him stand out front while they hid in the back calling the police. Abraham has suffered the humiliation of being arrested because Best Buy says they have RED FLAGGED these receipts.

View: The whole dastadly scheme of events

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