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Canadian Scientists Re-grow Teeth and Bones

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton have created a tool which uses small ultra-sound pulses to stimulate the growth of teeth and bones. The device will be able to help re-grow teeth that may have been lost in an accident, and to fix fractured teeth and jawbones.

Jie Chen, an engineering professor and nano-circuit design expert, helped create the tiny ultrasound machine that gently massages gums and stimulates tooth growth from the root once inserted into a person's mouth, mounted on braces or a removable plastic crown.

The wireless device, smaller than a pea, must be activated for 20 minutes each day for four months to stimulate growth, he said.

With the help of Chen and Ying Tsui, another engineering professor, the initial massive handheld device was shrunk to fit inside a person's mouth.

News source: Breitbart

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