CEO of UK's largest network says Microsoft must do more for Windows Phone

EE is the UK’s largest network operator, and – until the end of this month, anyway – the country’s only 4G network. EE is also responsible for two 3G network brands, Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, and between all three carriers, the company has over 28 million customers.

A few days ago, the company’s CEO, Olaf Swantee, spoke to Mobile Today, and voiced some concerns about the current mobile landscape: “What’s concerning is we still see such a significant demand for iOS and Android,” he said, referring to the robust duopoly that has formed around those two operating systems, particularly in the UK where they command almost 90% of the market.

Depending on which figures you consult, Windows Phone, by contrast, has around 8-10% of the UK market, and Swantee is apparently a fan. He called it a “different operating system, a good product and exciting”, but he also noted its modest market share alongside its competitors: “While Microsoft has seen some increases to the popularity of its platform, it’s still very small compared to the other two.”

Critically, he added that Microsoft “needs to offer more support” when it comes to pushing and promoting its mobile OS, but he also made it clear that EE has “a strong relationship with Microsoft and Nokia… A big thing during the past few months has been the return of Nokia, and us starting to see traction with Windows Phone 8.”

Microsoft has enjoyed some success with its smartphone platform in the UK, particularly since the launch of Windows Phone 8 in October, with market share almost doubling over the last twelve months. 

Source: Mobile Today

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