CES 2019: Razer Turret, Chroma, Blade Stealth, Hypersense, and new designs

Whenever I go to CES, there are always a few booths that I make it a point to visit. Razer is one of them, as it's always got something cool to show off. Two years ago, it had Project Valerie, a triple-screen gaming laptop. Last year it had Project Linda, a laptop that used a Razer Phone as a trackpad.

This year, there wasn't anything so radical, but Razer still showed off some really cool stuff. For one thing, I got to try out the new mouse and keyboard designed for the Xbox One, the Turrett.

First of all, this thing is heavy, and purposefully so. The idea is that it's going to be sitting on your lap, so it shouldn't be wobbly. Another issue along those lines is the mouse.

The mouse actually stays attached with a magnet, so if you lift up the keyboard, it doesn't fall off. That slides out, of course, and the main mousepad doesn't have as strong of a magnet.

The next thing I got to check out is some new features with Chroma lighting. You can now control it with Alexa, and Razer has opened up Chroma so that third-party devices can use it. That way, everything works together. When you tell Alexa to turn everything red, it does that, and it can also change your Hue lights and more. Check out the video below.

I also got to play with Razer's HyperSense devices. This bit is really cool. The chair I was sitting in, the mouse, the keyboard, and the headset all had haptic feedback included in them, creating an entirely immersive experience. It even adjusts to the way you're facing in the game, so you can feel when things are happening behind you. For example, if someone is shooting at you, you can tell where it's coming from.

Unfortunately, most of those devices were concepts or prototypes, so there's no guarantee that they'll come to market. It seems likely though, as Razer is among the most innovative when it comes to gaming PCs and peripherals.

Another thing that you can't buy just yet is this AMOLED gaming laptop from Razer. I was just pumped to see OLED, as I just want everything to use OLED.

Of course, Razer's new Blade Stealth 15 is pretty slick. The big change is that you get Nvidia's new GeForce RTX graphics, which includes ray tracing. The demos look great, but it's not anything that we haven't seen from RTX graphics on desktops. The really great part is that you can do it on laptops now.

And finally, we have a PC case that opens up like a DeLorean. It's really cool, and if you're looking to build your own PC, check it out. The Tomahawk Elite has two transparent wing opening doors, giving easy access to the internals. It uses liquid cooling, and clearly it's pretty sexy.

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