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ChatGPT rival Google Bard launch was delayed over safety concerns

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Google had been secretly working on an AI-driven virtual assistant since mid-2021, well before late 2022, when rival ChatGPT was released according to former Responsible AI team member Blake Lemoine, who discussed about Bard in a recent interview .

Bard is a conversational generative AI bot based on LaMDA LLM. Blake told Futurism that OpenAI's offerings are not pushing Google around. What Google has in store is far more advanced in terms of technology, and its trajectory is not being affected.

He also said he thinks Google is doing things in ways it believes are safe and responsible. OpenAI turned out to have released their ChatGPT before the curtains on Bard were lifted. Without putting a product name on it, Google has been working on Bard for a couple of years. Blake said,

"They were on the verge of releasing something in the fall of 2022. So it would have come out right around the same time as ChatGPT, or right before it. Then, in part because of some of the safety concerns I raised, they deleted it."

According to him, Google could've released a product similar to Bard's two years ago. Creative accuracy, and preventing gender, racial, and political bias are important for the Alphabet subsidiary. This has surfaced amid a report claiming Google is rushing out Bard and other AI products with poor ethical guards.

Source: Futurism

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