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Chrome 64 for Android brings accelerated download speeds

Google recently pushed Chrome 63 out to the public, with its launch, version 64 was put onto the beta channel. According to one beady-eyed user over at XDA, Chrome 64 for Android will have a feature called parallel download in the flags menu, which, when enabled, will accelerate download speeds by creating parallel jobs to handle the download.

In the Chromium repository entitled ‘Enable parallel download feature of Android from M64’, it says:

“Enable Parallel download feature on Android from M64. We are currently pushing parallel download to 100% of users. This [commit log] enabled parallel download feature on Android from M64.”

It’s possible to give parallel downloads a test drive right now, simply grab the latest beta of Chrome for Android and search for ‘chrome-parallel-download’ in the chrome://flags menu, or simply type ‘chrome://flags#chrome-parallel-download’ into the URL bar to directly jump to the appropriate setting and enable it. Of course, take care not to mess around with other settings in the flags menu to avoid potentially breaking your browser.

The parallel download feature will kick in once a download takes longer than two seconds; when it does it’ll create three parallel jobs to speed up the download. For smaller downloads you probably won’t notice any sort of speed improvement, however, if you’re downloading larger files you should notice a difference.

Source: XDA Developers

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