CircuitCity beats Walmart with 'sub'-$200 HD DVD player

Walmart may or may not be on the verge of offering a $198 Toshiba HD DVD player, but CircuitCity already is. That's right, Toshiba's HD-A2, which started out at $500 is now priced at $200 at CircuitCity, available via online purchase with free shipping or in-store pickup. Toshiba is pushing the price advantage viciously, but will it be enough? One can argue that whether or not Walmart offers the $200 price tag is much more important, seeing as it is the biggest retailer in the U.S. I personally believe that the rumours are true, and expect the Walmart offer to begin within a week. It will be very interesting to see how Sony will respond; there is still much time until the holidays. The HD war continues: to the consumer's delight, prices are dropping, but to the consumer's dismay, a winner has yet to emerge.

Link: $197.99 HD-A2
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