Civilization VI: New Frontier is gaining Byzantium as a new civ

Firaxis Games today unveiled one of the two new civilizations that are heading to Civilization VI as part of its New Frontier season pass in September, Byzantium. The previous premium DLC to arrive from the new season pass brought in Ethiopia as a civilization.

Byzantium is being led by emperor Basil II, and with his unique leader ability, Porphyrogénnētos, players will be able to inflict full damage using cavalry to cities that are following the same religion as Byzantium. One of this civ's unique units is attached to Basil II's ability too, with the Tagma coming as a Knight replacement once the Divine Right civic is unlocked.

The second unique unit of Byzantium is the Dromon, which comes with extra range and combat strength over the quadrireme ship it replaces. The previously mentioned Tagma unit has combat and religious strength bonuses for nearby units.

Further adding onto the civilization's religious strengths that translate well for warring, whenever a Holy City is converted to Byzantium's religion, the civ's units gain combat and religious strength. It also grants Great Prophet points for any cities with Holy Site districts.

Meanwhile, the Hippodrome unique district grants Byzantium cities +3 Amenities when built, and is also cheaper to construct than the Entertainment Complex district it places. Moreover, whenever a Hippodrome or one of its buildings are constructed, Byzantium gains a free heavy cavalry unit that doesn't have maintenance fees.

Byzantium will arrive alongside the Gaul when this New Frontier premium DLC lands on September 24 for Civilization VI, both as part of the season pass and as a standalone purchase. In addition to the two new civs, Firaxis is also including new world wonders, The Highlands map script, and Dramatic Ages as a new game mode, which offers Golden and Dark ages with much more powerful benefits and losses.

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