Civilization VI: New Frontier's Ethiopia civilization gets detailed

As part of the New Frontier season pass' second content drop for Civilization VI, Ethiopia is incoming as the latest playable civilization. The previous pack arrived with Gran Colombia and Maya civilizations.

Ethiopia is led by Menelik II, and his 'Council of Ministers' leader ability makes any city that is founded on a hill provide science and culture bonuses depending on how much faith is being generated. Anytime a Ethiopian unit fights on a hill, it also receives a combat bonus. This meshes well with the new Oromo Cavalry unique unit that comes with extra combat strength and visibility, plus no movement penalties when going across hills.

The Aksumite Legacy unique ability is focused on providing Ethiopia with even more faith. Local improved resources and international trade routes that start from cities with improved resources produce bonus faith. Archaeological Museums and Archaeologists are also purchasable with faith when playing as this civilization.

The Rock-Hewn Church is the unique tile improvement this time around, which can only be built on hills or volcanic soil, but not next to each other. These improvements are immune to natural disasters - useful considering the volcanic soil bit -, provide faith by themselves as well as extra faith for any adjacent hills or mountain tiles.

Aside from the new civilization, Firaxis is bringing a new Secret Societies game mode carrying the Illuminati and vampires, a new Diplomatic Quarter district, Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici Persona Packs that update their play styles, and more. Catch the Ethiopia Pack's new developer update video here to get a rundown of all the extras that come with purchasing the New Frontier Pass.

The Ethiopia Pack will be available on July 23 as part of the $39.99 New Frontier Pass and as a standalone purchase, of which the price has not been revealed yet.

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