Cortana and Spartan integration shown off on video

The past few days have been plentiful for those of you who like taking a gander at unreleased builds of Windows 10. This time around, Microsoft's project Spartan has been caught on video and it shows off the Cortana integration that is coming to the browser.

If you take a look at the video below, you can see how Cortana is now built into the browser and how the feature will improve your browsing experience. While Cortana may have seemed liked novelty on paper for a browser, once you see how it functions in the real world, it does make a lot of sense.

With being able to actively query information behind the scenes while you are browsing, Cortana always seems to have the information you need with a single mouse-click.

Microsoft has already said that Spartan will be included in the next public release of Windows 10 which means it won't be long until you can try out the browser for yourself. While the company has not said when the next build will be released publicly, hopefully the next installment will arrive soon.

Source: Winbeta

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