Crank Calls with Motorola

Fairly soon you may be able to crank call (isn't it really called a prank call?) using your Motorola phone, literally. Andre Minoli has created a very unique hand-cranked cell phone to be manufactured by Motorola.

The new phone, dubbed Motorola PVOT, is aimed more at developing countries. However it could have a nice market in the US as well. How many times have you been somewhere and needed to make a phone call, only to discover your battery was dead.

Motorola's PVOT will give you approximately 1 minute of talk time for every 25 "cranks" of the handset. Your cranks charge up a single AA battery which is then used as power for the phone. It also features a 125x125 dot matrix LCD screen and odd looking keypad.

One can only wonder if you will be allowed to crank during calls or the maximum cranks per battery. As cell phone companies offer more and more minutes for less money, your worries may shift away from using up all your minutes. The phone call of the future might go something like this, "Mom, I have to call you back. I didn't crank up enough minutes. Yes, I know I should have cranked more than 25 times, but I was in a hurry."

What about dialing 911? If you have an emergency will you have to crank before dialing 911? That could pose a major issue.


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