Dell Confirms Latitude Tablet PC

Jeff Clarke, senior vice president and general manager of Dell Incorporated's business product group, has confirmed that the company will sell a Latitude Tablet PC before the end of year via a short video posted on Direct2Dell's blog. Clarke mentions that the device is designed specifically for the education, the health care and corporate market place. During the video, he has what we can only assume is a prototype of a very thin Latitude Tablet PC that opens like a notebook but has a screen which can be positioned upwards to work like a traditional tablet. "We have done a lot of engineering that makes it one of the lightest weight, convertible tablets in the market place. We have spent considerable time working on the interface to make it easier to use where it has a leadership technology in its pen and touch interface," said Clarke.

Video: WMV | MP4 | OGG
News source: Direct2Dell

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