Dell Offers 32GB SSD on Select Latitude Models

Looking back, I have posted quite a number of news articles on solid state disk drives. Let me tell you, I'm not about to stop. They are quieter and cooler, faster and lighter, and consume much less power than the traditional hard disk drive. They cost more per GB, however, but as technology advances, prices go down. To do that, consumers must be able to purchase them easily. The world's second largest PC manufacturer is doing its part.

Dell has begun to offer the January 2007-announced 1.8" SanDisk UATA 5000 drives on its Latitude D420 ultra-mobile and Latitude D620 ATG semi-rugged notebooks. SanDisk's 1.8" SSD drive features patented TrueFFS flash management technology, a MTBF of 2 million hours, read speeds of 62MB/sec and had an average access speed of 0.12 milliseconds. The drive reportedly boosts overall system performance by 23% and reduces boot times by 34% on the D420 and D620. The SanDisk UATA 5000 is currently available as a $450 option on the D420 and a $300 option on the D620 ATG. The drive is also available direct from Dell at a price of $549.

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News source: DailyTech

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