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Delta will move to Apple because of smaller bag sizes, says Microsoft

A few days ago, we reported on Delta Air Lines' imminent move to iOS device deployment for flight staff, as a replacement for Microsoft products currently in use by its flight crew. Interestingly, in a statement to The Inquirer, Microsoft has stated that Delta will continue its ''great partnership'' with the tech giant, and in fact, the airline's switch to iOS devices will only occur because of its decision to standardize smaller flight bags - in which the Surface wouldn't fit.

Initially, it was assumed that the leading American airline's major transition to iPhones and iPads had a lot to do with Microsoft's clear intentions to diminish its focus on hardware. The firm has categorically denied these rumors, however, claiming that the actual reason is Delta's decision to standardize 10.5" bag sizes for its flight staff. To this effect, the tech giant stated:

We have a great partnership with Delta. The company decided, as part of its hardware refresh cycle, to standardize on a 10.5" form factor for its electronic flight bag. Delta continues to invest in and is using Microsoft productivity and business applications, including Dynamics and Office 365 across their operations and will continue to do so.

The Delta flight crew has used Windows phones on board for over four years, but the airline will be deploying iOS devices on board, as a replacement, early next year.

Some would say it's quite incredible that a smaller bag size is all that impeded the potential continuation of a partnership. If one puts faith in Microsoft's explanation for the whole situation, the company presumably would have fared better had it not killed off the unreleased Surface Mini.

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