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Developer Hopes Apple Lightning Won't Strike Twice

Mac developer Dan Wood knows what happens when Apple Computer has the same idea he does.

A couple of years back, his small firm, Karelia Software, released a set of consumer Web services known as Watson. Some months later, Apple added a very similar set of utilities under the Sherlock 3 moniker. Now Wood is worried that history is about to repeat itself--or, as he puts it, that lightning is going to strike twice.

Karelia has been working on a program called Sandvox, a set of tools designed it to make it easier for people to publish their own rich Web site with photos, audio and other features typically not found on personal Web sites. "For years, Macintosh users have been clamoring for an easy, elegant way to get their content--photo albums, Web logs, just basic sites--published on the Web," Wood said in a statement. "We created Sandvox because there were no other applications that 'got it.'"

News source: C|Net News.com

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