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Diagrams detail Apple's new liquid cooling system

AppleInsider was the first to get interior shots of Apple's new liquid cooling system. Now they got their hands on some diagrams along with descriptions of the liquid cooling system components.

Last week Apple Computer, Inc. introduced its most powerful Power Mac model to date, which sports two 2.5GHz G5 processors and a nifty liquid cooling system (LCS). Curiosity surrounding the new LCS is running high as Apple officials have recently reiterated warnings that other G5 products from the company remain a long-shot due to G5 heat issues.

Aiding some of the curiosity, sources have recently provided AppleInsider with side and rear-view diagrams of the new Apple LCS, which detail some of its many components. In a recently published self-training course on the new line of Power Mac G5 computers, Apple confirms that all models feature IBM's 970FX PowerPC G5 processor.

Screenshot: Side View | Rear View

News source: AppleInsider

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