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Dify users in Germany to briefly enjoy double cashback rates from over 130 partnering shops

Someone using Dify on their phone and laptop

As COVID-19 triggered an exponential growth of the digital economy, online shopping also witnessed a massive increase, and with inflation skyrocketing, Opera launched its built-in browser cashback service, Dify, last year in Spain, to offer users cashback for online shopping when they shop from partner websites. Now, the company has announced that it is also expanding its fintech to Germany.

Talking about the cashback service in Germany, Opera stated:

With Dify, Opera is offering high cashback rates on the German market with money back on average in 30 days after you have completed a transaction from over 130 partnering shops. Moreover, until the 31st of July all cashback rates are doubled for Dify users in Germany, reaching up to 51%.

The Dify cashback menu on desktop

This expansion makes Opera the first to provide users in Germany with a non-intrusive cashback service. With this resource, you can get cashback on a number of websites including Westwing, Görtz, Shein, Aliexpress, and Booking.com. Users can access Dify from the browser sidebar or the cashback badge in the address bar, which lights up on the partnering websites. You can also enjoy special cashback rates in the Hot Deals section on the Dify website.

The company is introducing an initial version to get user feedback. Currently, available in Germany, Spain, Poland, and Ukraine, the cashback service will be coming to more regions soon. To know more about Dify, head over to the dedicated webpage here.

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