Discuss: What characters will be featured in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

Today, Nintendo announced that Super Smash Bros. would be arriving for the Switch. In the trailer, we get very clear silhouettes of Mario and Link, but in the distance, we can also see the outlines of several other characters from the Nintendo universe. So one has to wonder, what characters will make an appearance in the latest title?

Now, this is where the discussion portion begins, as we can see from the image that some look like dead giveaways and others not so much. On the very right-hand side, we can see what looks like Peach or maybe Daisy, and in the center, we can see what looks like Samus Aran in the exo-suit from Metroid. In between, those two, there is a large character with horns, indicating that Bowser could make a return. This is where things get a bit trickier as things aren't so clear, but on the very left-hand side, located in the shadows, the tallest character out of the bunch could be Donkey Kong.

Again, these are all just guesses, but it's kind of fun to guess and try and see what characters will be available in the next Super Smash Bros. title. Be sure to chime in with your suggestions in the comments below.

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