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Discuss: Which of Nokia's classic phones would you like to see 'reimagined'?

The new Nokia 3310

Earlier this year, HMD Global introduced the new Nokia 3310, a modern, 'reimagined' version of the classic - and hugely popular - handset of yesteryear. According to HMD, the new device has been a sales success so far - so much so that the company says it's considering launching more retro devices.

At its peak - before the smartphone revolution took hold - Nokia had a vast range of devices, many of which had some pretty quirky styling, along with some truly odd form factors. The Nokia 7280 - nicknamed the 'lipstick phone', due to its physical design - was among the craziest of the company's many handsets, with a rotary dial that made text input an absolute nightmare.

The teardrop-shaped Nokia 7600 was another of the firm's curious experiments that was let loose on customers, at a time when it seemed like a mobile phone could look like anything. And of course, the Nokia 8110 - dubbed 'the banana phone'; or 'the Matrix phone', after its appearance in the popular movie trilogy - still has a special place in the hearts of many who once owned one, or wished that they could have one.

The Nokia 8210 (top left); Nokia 6600 (bottom left); and Nokia 8810, dubbed 'the Matrix phone'

When so many smartphones are starting to look the same these days, it's tempting to look back on that era with rose-tinted specs, and yearn for a bit more creativity in modern hardware design. HMD insists that it's not bogged down in nostalgia, but that it's open to the idea of satisfying customer demand, by resurrecting some more of Nokia's classic handsets with a modern twist.

But which of Nokia's old-school phones would you like to see make a return? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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